The head of voting systems company Dominion says unfounded allegations of voter fraud leveled against his company by former President Trump and his allies since 2020 have put people into harms way.

“People have been put into danger,” Dominion CEO John Poulos told “60 Minutes” correspondent Anderson Cooper during an interview set to air this weekend, “all because of lies.”

Poulos’s sit-down with CBS News comes as Dominion has taken legal action against a number of Trump’s associates and media companies, arguing they knowingly promoted or broadcast false information about the company.

One of Trump’s closest allies after the 2020 election, attorney Sidney Powell, falsely claimed in media appearances and other public statements that Dominion and other voting systems companies were engaged in fraud linked to voting machines, mail-in ballots and former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

A federal judge in September dismissed a countersuit filed by Powell as the voting machine company pursues a $1.3 billion defamation claim against her.

“Were you associated with the late Hugo Chavez?” Cooper asks Poulos during their interview.

“Absolutely not,” he responded.

“Do you use a Venezuelan company’s software that’s been used to steal elections in other countries?” Cooper asked.

“Absolutely not,” Poulos said, adding, “I can cut all of this short. We were founded in Toronto, which is where my family was from. And there’s nothing to do with Venezuela.”