Deep-frying has become one of the most popular ways to prepare Thanksgiving turkeys; however, there are some serious safety concerns you need to be aware of upfront. Check out our safety tips to make sure your turkey is the only thing that gets fried this year!

1. Make sure children and pets stay far away from the fryer. The fryer is a hot cauldron of boiling oil, so you want to keep your little ones and furry friends as far away as possible to avoid any accidents.

2. Read the manual and follow manufacturer’s instructions. Normally, people toss the instructions manual aside; however, that manual is incredibly important in this case. Every fryer is different so you want to make sure you have yours setup properly to avoid mishaps.

3. Never use a deep fryer indoors. Deep-frying is an outdoor activity and you should not be done inside an enclosed or covered space.

4. Don’t leave the fryer unattended. This can be a struggle if you live in an especially cold climate, but you should never have the fryer going without being nearby. Have a buddy who can watch the fryer while you go inside for breaks to ensure nothing falls over in the wind or catches fire while you are away.

5. Don’t drink and fry. Does this even need an explanation?