FAIRFAX, VT – BFA- Fairfax/Lamoille is coming off a 8-1 season, which saw the team get to its third championship game in four years, but the Bullets have no trophies to show for it. The team is confident 2023 is the year to push them over the top.

“It was a tough loss but we have to play better [and] be better,” said linebacker and tight end Aiden Fisher, on last years’ championship defeat. “I think this year we’ll have a better chance overall. We got a lot of new guys but I think those guys are catching on pretty quick.”

“We’ve had quite a good number of kids come in that haven’t played football before that we didn’t count on,” said head coach Craig Sleeman. “Once they learn what they’re doing, you know, take it week by week, I think they’ll contribute and we’ll be pretty good.”

“You can have what you think is a great team, but you still have to win that final game,” he continued. “This year we’ve gone from a flexbone team to a spread team, so that’s a big change for us.

“Championships are hard, you know, that’s a hard thing,” said Sleeman. “So staying healthy is a big part of it and we have buy-in which we’ve had so far and I think we will. Then I think at the end of the year that will take care of itself.”

“I’m quite confident, we’re looking good,” said outside linebacker and running back Charlie Czapski. “We’ve improved so much from the first scrimmage to the second. I think if we just keep coming back, we’ll be fine.”

The Bullets open their season on Saturday, September 2 at home against Rice Memorial.