SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — The Burlington/South Burlington Seawolves are gearing up for a redemption season following a challenging year that saw them clinch only one victory. Coach Chadde Wolf expressed his determination to rectify past mistakes: “I think some of the things that were missing was the togetherness, the team bonding, we didn’t have the right chemistry.”

Despite the team’s modest performance last year, the Seawolves engaged in several tightly contested battles. One standout was their encounter with last year’s number three seed, Middlebury, where they fell short by a mere possession. Senior Running Back Sam Parris reflected on the close match: “We were right in during the first half and in the second half, people started putting their heads down.”

Senior Tight End Shacar Lewis added, “We could play that fourth quarter; we could execute.” Coach Chadde Wolf emphasized the team’s potential beyond their record: “Do you believe the record is indicative of the team? No… we were one of the best teams that had a losing record.”

Parris echoed this sentiment, saying, “I think we were way better than what the record showed last year.” In a significant shift, the Seawolves recently embarked on an overnight training camp at Vermont Academy, marking the first time in the team’s history. Parris anticipates that the camp will foster stronger connections among players: “I think it’s gonna help us build chemistry with underclassmen coming up to Varsity for the first year.”

Coach Wolf explained the camp’s dual focus: “We’re gonna focus on football but also team building. We’re Vermont’s version of remember the Titans.” Lewis reinforced the unity within the team, stating, “We go to school to learn, we’re on the team to play. We’re not different schools, we’re one team as brothers.”

This season presents challenges as the Seawolves contend with the loss of a sizable senior class—16 players in total. Lewis had a message for the newcomers: “What’s the message to the new guys that are joining you this year? Just work hard and watch the guy in front of you, ask a bunch of questions.”

The team’s first game is set to take place at home against North Country Union on Friday, September 1st. As anticipation builds for the kickoff, the Seawolves are poised to prove that their unity and determination will lead them to a victorious season.