SPRINGFIELD, VT — Following a challenging playoff loss to crosstown rivals Windsor, the Springfield Cosmos are gearing up for a triumphant return this season. Head Coach Todd Aiken and players alike expressed their determination to leave a mark on Division III.

The Cosmos, who endured a difficult time in the DIII standings last year, are eager to bounce back. Carson Clark, quarterback for Springfield Cosmos, emphasized, “We’re definitely going to win a lot more games and those losses will make us appreciate those wins a lot more.”

Luke Stockier, senior running back, acknowledged the areas that need improvement, stating, “Lots of missed assignments that caused big plays against teams we lost to. If we fix that, we’ll be a lot better.”

At the heart of their revival strategy is a focus on dominating at home. Coach Todd Aiken highlighted the transformation of Brown Field, stating, “Brown Field has gone through a huge transformation with new bleachers behind me. I think we have one of the best natural field turfs in the state.”

Despite last year’s challenges, there’s reason for optimism as the team remains relatively young. Stockier observed, “I think the advantage is we’re going to be really good this year, next year, and the year after that.”

Embracing change, the Springfield seniors welcomed around 15 new freshmen to the team, bonding over early morning practices. Carson Clark described the camaraderie, “We’ve had a lot of early mornings and I’ve gotten to know a lot of players on our team a lot better. Kids listen and work hard and always want to learn and really solid group of kids.”

Anticipation is building for the rematch against Windsor, a team that dashed the Cosmos’ hopes in last year’s playoffs. Coach Aiken declared, “Windsor, that’s the game we want to get. We just came up short.” Stockier added, “Always looking for Windsor,” while Clark affirmed, “Windsor is a team we really want to go out and play good against.”

Springfield also eagerly awaits their season opener against Bellows Falls, marking the 110th showdown between these cross-town rivals. Reflecting on the significance of the game, Aiken commented, “Game means a lot to both communities, both schools. I played here and now coach here, it’s so monumental and historical. It would be incredible for our team and make a statement in Division III.”

Kickoff for the highly anticipated matchup is scheduled for September 1st.