New Zealand native Charlotte Brynn has been ice swimming for over a decade. Most recently, she headed to France in mid-January to compete in the International Ice Swimming World Championship. The Newport, VT resident brought three gold medals and two world records back to Vermont.

On Friday, Brynn shared why she enjoys continuing to prove her body is capable of withstanding these freezing temperatures without a wetsuit.

“I think that’s what makes it so fun. I’ve moved away from that to just the pure enjoyment of being out there and challenging myself. It’s a real thrill to se what your body’s able to do and sustain,” she said from The Swimming Club in Stowe, where she serves as Executive Director. “People will say ‘you’re crazy’ and now there’s a lot more crazies out there and crazy’s cool so you just get after it and do it.”


The full story of Charlotte Brynn’s time as an ice swimmer will be available by February 2.