As the regular season for the Vermont green FC came to a close on Sunday, co-founder Keil Corey reflected on some of his favorite moments over the past few months and make predictions for the league going forward.

“The season has exceeded all of our expectations – across the board it’s kind of incredible,” said Corey. The expectations Corey mentioned were humble at first, he explained saying, “one was to just have a team, guys get here to play a game, and hopefully, people would show up and hopefully, our community initiatives would be successful.”

Created not only for the love of soccer -but the league also put a lot of energy into helping the community around them like the King Street Center.

“A goal is to make our club accessible to marginalized communities and especially youth, so working with King Street has given us a lot of opportunities to build relationships in that community,” said Corey. “The players go every week to king street to hang out with teens, play games, play soccer get to know them.”

The league is also dedicated to teaching about climate change, and partner’s with Suncommon and The Vermont Youth Lobby to help empower young people to lead environmental and social justice movements.

When it comes to getting the community excited for the matches Corey said it takes an effort of both online and in-person outreach. He said “we’ve been able to rally a lot of different people around the club and our mission and then really the players, they are incredible. When you come and get that in-person experience that comes and sells it all and then all the additional pieces of our social media, the tabling events, it’s a person-by-person effort.”