Vermont state police investigators say they need help identifying the body of woman that was found in the Winooski river in Middlesex, Vermont.

Police describe the woman as 5 feet 3 inches tall, around 206 lbs and between 30 and 50 years old, they say she has multiple tattoos; two roses on her right wrist, a red and blue butterfly, a pink and yellow five-petal flower on her right foot with leaves going up her ankle and the names “Sue” and “Patty” on her left forearm . She was wearing a large ring on her right index finger with a carved face and headdress.

Her body was located near 31 Welch Park Dr. in Middlesex, near the confluence of the Mad and Winooski rivers, on June 19th. Police do not believe she is someone who has previously been reported missing.

The cause of death is pending, along with testing that includes examining dental records and DNA in an attempt to identify the individual. It is unclear how long the woman had been deceased at the time the body was found.