The disappearance of 17-year old Selinda Winegar still has her sister in tears decades later, “It’s hard… I miss her”, Sharon McGarry tells us.

The last time McGarry, or any other family members, saw Winegar was on March 21st, 1979, as she walked up the stairs of her family home to go to her bedroom.

Selinda’s niece, Leisa Vorachak also remembers weird things happening at the home before Selinda’s disappearance.

“Her and I were playing cards and gunshots came through the windows across the Winooski River because we lived on the edge of the Winooski River,” said Vorachak.

Then the phone call Sharon McGarry remembers their mom answering…right after Selinda’s disappearance.

“She got a phone call saying that if you want your daughter she is in the Winooski River. We went around looking, but we never heard anything,” said McGarry.

But here’s where it gets so strange, some people tell the family they’ve seen Selinda around in Burlington.

Even though it’s been 42 years, McGarry still has a tinge of hope that she’ll see her sister again some day, “If she’s out there and she doesn’t want to associate with us…that’s okay. Just go to somebody and say I’m fine…. it’s hard. It’s very hard because I do miss the little brat.”

If you have any information regarding Selinda Winegar’s disappearance, contact the Burlington Police Department.