Nearly nine years ago, on April 16, 2012, city workers in St. Albans were preparing the city pool for summer when they stumbled upon a crime scene: a body floating in the murky water of the half-filled pool.

The victim was 22-year-old Christopher Muir Davis, who was reported missing by his mother more than two weeks earlier.

According to police, Davis was last seen on video surveillance the night of March 21. That’s the night he was assaulted and robbed on Aldis Street in St. Albans. Brian Ross and Travis Bugbee were convicted of stealing Davis’s phone, prescription medication and his wallet.

St. Albans workers were preparing the city pool for summer when they stumbled a body floating in the half-filled pool.

Christopher Davis’s mother, Jen Chevalier, said Chris was not very familiar with the two men.

“He did not really know them. I think he just met up with them and maybe just were acquaintances that night, but they definitely weren’t friends,” said Chevalier.

Lieutenant Ben Couture was the lead investigator at the time.

“Mr. Davis was with some other individuals and they were walking basically through the streets of St. Albans,” he said. “The two individuals lured Mr. Davis to an area on Aldis Street where they admitted to assaulting and robbing Mr. Davis.”

St. Albans Police Lt. Ben Couture said Davis’ cause of death was not apparent.

Jen said she knew something was wrong because she hadn’t heard from Chris in several days. She said she feels “strongly there was some foul play.”

“I firmly believe it was not an accident,” she said. “I’m not quite sure I’ve been down to the pool multiple times and the officer investigating the case has as well and I do not believe that Chris got into that pool by himself.”

Lt. Couture said Davis was found in the same clothes last seen in video surveillance and the cause of death was not apparent.

“It’s a suspicious death because he was a victim of assault and robbery and because Mr. Davis’s body was found in the pool from within 250 feet of the assault location,” said Lt. Couture. “We’re looking to find out how Mr. Davis ended up in the pool that night.”

During the time Davis was missing there were a series of armed robberies where he was considered a “person of interest.”

Eventually, St. Albans Police Department cleared his name believing he was not alive at the time of the robberies.

Jen said he was a very family oriented person and enjoyed spending time with the ones he loved.

“He was very involved in taking care of his family,” she said. “Very kind and caring, big heart and would literally give the shirt off his back to help anybody, no matter if he knew them or not.”

“I’m really hoping that somebody that knows information will come forth with it and give our family some peace,” she added. “We don’t have any peace on it. We all still think about it almost daily.”

If you have information about the case, contact the St. Albans Police Department or Vermont State Police.