LAKE PLACID, NY – Lake Placid natives Patrick and Jennifer Ledger were thrilled to watch their son, Van Ledger, compete in an international event at his home course.

“It’s so exciting. We are just so thrilled that he was able to qualify for this event and compete,” said Jennifer Ledger.

Van Ledger decided to compete and take part in his hometown games last minute.

His parents said they felt many emotions while watching their son compete. “I get nervous, but I try to squelch that. I try to just be excited for him. He’s going to do what he’s going to do. He’s done all the work. He’s very good at training. He’s meticulous about a lot of things that lead up to this, so just go do it,” said Jennifer Ledger.

Van spoke out about how great it was to have his parents in attendance.

Patrick and Jennifer were both in Lake Placid for the 1980 Olympics but feel Lake Placid may not be big enough to withstand another Olympic-sized event.

“We were here in Lake Placid in 1980, and then we went to the Salt Lake Olympics. It seems like venues need to be in a place the size of Salt Lake to be able to hold the capacity of people that come. My view is we’re too small, but let’s have a bunch of World Cups,” said Patrick Ledger.

Van finished 20th in the race and will head to Kazakhstan for the Junior World Championships.