Andrew Yang holds Town Hall in New Hampshire

2020 Election

NEW LONDON, NH – On Tuesday, Andrew Yang held a Town Hall at Colby- Sawyer College. Yang is a Democratic presidential candidate who prides himself in being a non-traditional politician. He calls himself an entrepreneur who understands the economy and calls for an economy that puts humanity first.

At the Town Hall Yang emphasized there’s a scary future ahead for our children. “We know that the future we left them is far darker than the lives that we have led and this is our chance to turn it around,” said Yang.

He believes the future is all about technology and the economy. If we don’t do something about it now, future generations will be in danger.

“It has gotten so bad that our life expectancy has gone down three years in a row,” said Yang

According to Yang, in the next 5-10 years, technology will eliminate millions of jobs that won’t come back.

Yang also discussed artificial intelligence and self-driving cars.

“The A-I can still see shades of grey that the human eye cannot that is the reality of the 21st century economy and it’s up to us to actually evolve as quickly as possible,” said Yang.

As president his first priority would be implementing a universal basic income known as the Freedom Dividend. The Freedom Dividend would give every adult American $1,000 a month.

“Right now the gains are getting sucked up into a smaller and smaller sliver of people in companies. When the money is in your hands it makes our families stronger and healthier,” said Yang. “It makes people mentally healthier. It improves your decision making.”

Colby-Sawyer Freshman Abigail Davidson said Yang is appealing among their generation. “I think especially with his technological approach. He shows us that he’s very knowledgeable in something that we’ve grown up with our whole life,” she said.

Yang emphasized building a better future for young people while also focusing on healthcare for all, a sustainable environment, and affordable education.

As of Tuesday, the New York Times is reporting Yang is “on the cusp” of qualifying for the December 19 Democratic primary debate.

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