Vermont environmentalists say they’re worried what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for federal environmental legislation.

350 Vermont, a statewide organization that spreads awareness about climate change, held its annual meeting Sunday in Barre.

Board members say they are very concerned about Trump being president.

The president-elect has called climate change a “hoax.” He appointed Myron Ebell, a known climate change skeptic, to lead his EPA transition team.

350 Vermont members say it’s important to get off fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

“We’re in a period where it might be very difficult to move forward with legislation on a national level, it makes it that much more urgent that we do our part here in Vermont, and try to set a positive example,” said Brian Tokar, a 350 Vermont board member.

350 Vermont also focused on its opposition to the Vermont Gas pipeline and renewed its focus on renewable energy at its meeting Sunday.