Mendon woman takes in disabled dogs to give them a better life

MENDON, Vt. - Tracey Fowler of Mendon has dedicated her life to helping disabled dogs and it all started with one German Shepherd named Hayden.

"When we moved in the house, there was an egg shaped rock and Hayden would push it around and play, it was a good sized rock. He went over to that rock, he put his front paws on the rock and he let out a scream and he started to play. He never knew he was in a cart, he was the most patient dog," Fowler said.

Five out of six of her dogs are in carts which gives them more freedom to move around.

"When Hayden finally unfortunately passed, I missed the rolling of the wheels so I adopted Heath," Fowler said.

Heath was the first of the six. Fowler said she uses Facebook to find rescues from around the country, from Mexico to Massachusetts and anywhere in between.

"I take them in because there's so many that need help and if i'm able to step up and help then i'm going to do it," Fowler said.

Each dog sports a license plate on the back of their carts with two states, one as a reminder of where they came from, and Vermont, a reminder that they aren't going anywhere.

"So we are pretty much full right now, there's a lot of love," Fowler said laughing.

Between Heath, Amigo, Pepita, Hope, Mendon and Tom Turkey, the love is felt.

Fowler also has two German Shepherds, Nordic and George, they play a part in helping raise the other dogs.

Fowler's message is to not let these dogs pass you by.

"Don't give up on them, to not to because it might be a little more time to put in a cart, that they're so worth it," she said.

Fowler's dog found a happy home, but that's not the case for others with special needs.

Cynthia Cole, Vice President and Secretary of All Breed Rescue, says these dogs just need a little TLC.

"Some dogs, you know Nitro, his deformity doesn't really stop him at all, it doesn't slow him down but some dogs do need a little extra care so it takes a little bit more time to find the appropriate home for them," she said.

When it comes to adopting a special needs dog, Cole said to look past their appearance.

"Meet the dog before you make a judgment, get to know them. Adopt a dog based on their temperament and their fit for your lifestyle rather than their initial picture of what you might see on first glance," Cole said.

Fowler proves dogs aren't just mans best friend. "Just never give up," she said.


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