A New Hampshire nonprofit has raised $2.5 million dollars in relief for Ukrainian children and orphans.

The cofounders of Common Man For Ukraine shared the group’s efforts Wednesday in a visit to the First Congregational Church in Lyndonville.

“They gave us a call and said would you come up and tell your story about what you’re doing in Ukraine,” said cofounder Alex Ray.

The organization is working in partnership with Rotary Clubs in Plymouth, New Hampshire and Zamosc, Poland. The founders have made three trips to refugee centers in Ukraine to determine what is most needed. They’re focusing on making sure kids and orphans are properly fed.

“There was nothing like going to 21 Polish orphanages with 25 truckfuls of food, sleeping bags, generators and Christmas presents and seeing the look in their eyes. We dressed up in Santa suits and sang songs with them.”

The co-founders are planning a fourth trip within the next few months.

“We can’t stop,” said cofounder Susan Mathison. “All we can see is more kids every day coming on trains to these orphanages needing care, needing electricity, warmth, and food.”

Having met its initial goal of $2.5 million, they have now set the bar at $10 million dollars.