A Push To Change A NY State Law On A Life Saving Medication


A shot of adrenaline can save someone from a severe allergic reaction or asthma. 

Commonly referred to as epi-pens, students, parents and law makers are calling on the legislature to make a change in the law.   

A change that could just save your life. 

Allergies are limitless and anyone can have a reaction at any given time. 

Elliott Saiontz has a brother who’s allergic to bees “It was lunch time, he was climbing rocks and he got stung while he was climbing with his friends.”

And some are born with allergies, Maya Konoff says “I was only diagnosed after I had a near fatal reaction when I was not even a year old.”

While others like 40 year old assemblyman Bill Nojay, didn’t find out until later on in life.

Livingston County Assemblyman Bill Nojay says “I’m alive today because of epinephrine.”

“I took a pill, an ampicillin pill for a routine sinus problem and 10 minutes later was unconscious on the kitchen floor with my wife dialing 911.”

 While assemblyman Nojay says not everyone may know what they are allergic to, they can be prepared. “We could have them in every school, every office building, every public place in New York State.”

Nojay is proposing that epi-pens should be made more accessible, in case of an emergency. 

Because Epinephrine is a drug you can only get it under a prescription in New York.

Nojay would like epi-pens not to be a requirement but to be available without a prescription in all New York State buildings.   

“It’s one of these things that the time has come and we think it should pass the legislature and the governor should sign it this year.” Says Nojay

Georgia Rappaport says a allergic reaction is a very scary experience. “Its kind of like stars at first and bright and then the last sense you lose is your hearing and it goes all dark.”

An epi-pen saved her life and these advocates say, signing with the governor’s pen will save others.

Epi-pens are available in Canada without a prescription. 

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