Winter conditions are tough on your car and you want to make sure to check your tire pressure so traction isn’t affected and clear any snow or ice off your lights and windows.

Also, keep the number of roadside assistance close by.

The cringing sound of a dead car battery on a cold winter morning.

Snow slush and icy roads take a toll on our cars.

Roadside assistance working double time to help drivers stuck, stranded, or simply unprepared.

By 10 a.m., AAA says it has received 57 calls, more than double their usual volume.

They’re reminding drivers to keep a winter survival kit in their car tools like shovels, ice scrapers, and jumper cables to name a few.

This is their busiest time of year and keep in mind, call logs can get backed up.

Routinely check your car and give yourself extra time during morning and evening rush hour commutes.

If you spot crews on the roads, don’t speed past them. Remember, they’re trying to get help to someone else.

“It’s really important at this point to also remind people to slow down and move over because while the emergency vehicles are on side of the road, whether it’s tow trucks or police vehicles, it’s important for everyone to be cognizant of keeping them safe and yourself as well,” Tara Ricard, AAA Hudson Valley, said.

AAA says one of the most common calls they get this time of year is for drivers who swerved off the roads. So please be careful and drive slowly.

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