With only 18 days remaining until New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary, actress and activist Ashley Judd spent time campaigning at Dartmouth College Friday on behalf of Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

“We have the fight of our lives on our hands, not just for what we believe in but for the very democracy of this country,” Judd said.

Judd, known for her role in a number of films is also known for taking a stand in political activism. She was one of the first women to step forward and accuse disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

“When things get tough socially, I have a tendency to open my mouth,” she said.

Speaking to Dartmouth students, Judd said Warren is the candidate for the job. She said the senator would bring a unique sense of empathy to the office and “has as a plan for everything”.

“I love when strong women come out and support Elizabeth Warren’s campaign,” said Dartmouth sophomore Attiya Khan. “For me being a woman of color, it matters to me that she’s a woman, it matters to me that she’s talking about women’s rights because I just think it’s something that has been severely left out of the conversation by a bunch of the other candidates.”

“She knows how to take on incumbent Republicans, she knows how to win and how to fight to get her policies passed,” said sophomore Tanner Bielefeld Pruitt

Ashley Judd said she’ll return to New Hampshire next week to continue her campaign efforts and join other Granite Staters who want to see Elizabeth Warren as the nation’s first female president.

“We’re gonna knock on doors, we’re going to make phone calls, we’re going to canvas,” Judd said. “We’re going to have intimate and sometimes difficult conversations with undecided voters and tell them why we’re all in for Elizabeth”.