A kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, rides, and aromas fill the Addison County fairgrounds.

This marks the 75th anniversary for Vermont’s largest agricultural fair, and it is celebrating all things local. The fair showcases over two-dozen exhibits.

Benj Deppman, Vice President of the Boards of Directors emphasizes that events like these are crucial for many Vermont businesses.

“Many of them come every single year and rely on this as part of their yearly revenue and many of them are locals,” Deppman says.

Over 30,000 visitors attend per year, however, they can expect more this year.

Deppman says they have more rides than ever, running all week-long, rain or shine.

Visitors not only come from Vermont. Fair goers like Amelia Foley, who is on a field hockey trip with her teammates from Texas says she was recommended by someone to go.

Foley says, “They said this is a great attraction and it’s something really fun. Instead of just staying in the hotel – and team bonding – they thought it would be a great idea.”

Milena Williams, Foley’s teammate says while the rides are fun, the fair does a good job at providing a variety of events.

“The rodeo, like mutton busting, is fun to watch, cause it’s kind of funny, but the cows were really cute here too,” says Williams.

Other fair favorites include the Demolition Derby happening Tuesday and Wednesday and The Motor Sport Rodeo on Thursday.

A number of food stands, concerts, and carnival games also provide a multi-sensory experience for fair goers with calmer tastes.

Quinton Cothran, a four-year fair employee says this event is a great place for all walks of life to come together and rewind.

Cothran says, “It’s always an exciting time to bring your family and kids. This is definitely where I could bring my family.”

The fair is a living testimate to the spirit of Vermont, making moments long after the rides close.