All Aboard!  The Adirondack Railroad is back on track for the rest of the season. 

After some weather-related mishaps, the scenic railroad connecting Utica to Tupper Lake was shut down for much of the season.   But now it’s back to full steam ahead. 

Last year, we reported that after years of planning and hard work, the scenic railroad was ready to roll.  It had a great season in 2022.  But, in August, 2023, heavy rains washed out to major portions of the track. 

“Two major wash outs north of Old Forge, South of here, Tupper Lake.  The first one was about 50 or 60 feet long and about 8 or 10 feet deep,” said Adirondack Railway Preservation Society Board Secretary, Bob Hest.  “The most recent one that we finished fixing on Sunday this week was 165 feet long and 20 feet deep. “

Those washouts are now repaired, and the train is back on track for the next two weekends. 

“We think, the foliage season, even though it’s over – people will be able to see the longer vistas without the leaves on the trees.  It’s just as spectacular,” said Hest.

The train is scheduled to leave Utica around 830am on Sunday, and arrive at the depot in Tupper lake around 1pm.    It will stay in Tupper Lake for about an hour and a half, before heading back to Utica.  

“We will have vendors here from the local community, who will have offerings for the passengers that we’re bringing.” Said Hest. 

Rail bikes are another great option for locals looking to get out and enjoy the scenery.   

At the depot in Tupper Lake, there are a handful of 2 and 4-seater railbikes.  You sit out in the open and pedal yourself down the tracks.   It is about a 2 hour round trip from the depot. 

There is also a haunted rail bike ride on weekends leading up to Halloween. 

You can check out all the details on their website here.