Allegiant Air to Halt Service in Burlington in 2017

Burlington, Vt. - Flying to the Orlando area from Burlington could cost you more next year.

According to a media release from Burlington International Airport, Allegiant Air will stop service to Sanford, Orlando by the fourth of March of next year. 

Allegiant Air is a low-cost air that had a direct flight from Burlington to Orlando.  Local 22 & 44 did a quick check of the cost of a flight from Burlington to the Orlando area and found that the Allegiant flight was the least expensive.  Other airlines will still offer flights to Orlando but you will have to connect to another city to get there.  

“Burlington International Airport has had an outstanding relationship with Allegiant over these past three years, and will continue to work with its team to see if there are any other options available to bring Allegiant Air back to Burlington,” said Aviation Director Gene Richards. 

The media release says Allegiant has flown out of Burlington twice a week since early 2014.

BTV also announced that long-serving airlines at the airport are signing a five-year lease and expect to have the contract done by the end of the year. 

“The new contract agreement represents a significant step forward for the Airport’s fiscal stability, and we look forward to our continued partnership with the many airlines that will continue to serve Burlington into the future,” added Richards.

You can read about the highlights of the new contract agreement below.

The Airline Lease Agreement will be effective July 1, 2016 for five years. Highlights of the Agreement include: 

  • The new Agreement is crucial to the financial and passenger stability of the Airport’s future, resolving a challenge noted by the Airport’s Rating Update by Moody’s Investor Service in December 2015: “An uncertainty provided by a month-to-month airline agreement.”
  • The Agreement allows the Airport to approach larger reserves and positive debt coverage ratios for future improved credit ratings, as recommended by the Airport’s Rating Update by Moody’s Investor Service in December 2015, which indicated that a debt coverage ratio of 1.5x could make the rating go up. 
  • The Agreement strengthens the Airport’s financial stability by partnering closely with airlines to ensure that any unexpected budget changes are covered in partnership with the airlines.
  • The Agreement focuses on the methodology for determining terminal rental rates and landing fees.
  • The Agreement outlines the responsibilities and space needed by airlines.

For those still wishing to travel to Sanford with Allegiant, the Plattsburgh Airport in New York will still have that route.

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