Auditioning for American Idol is the first step toward a golden ticket to Hollywood and arguably one of the most entertaining parts of the singing competition show.

Thursday, hopefuls from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine had the chance to ‘wow’ idol producers. The virtual auditions this season are called Idol across America.

“Our numbers have almost doubled, which is great for us because people are realizing auditioning for American idol no longer includes driving somewhere, waiting in line, or paying for a hotel,” Patrick Lynn said.

Idol producer, Patrick Lynn, says they’ll send as many New Englanders forward, who have the chops. If contestants get the green light after Thursday’s round, they’ll have one more virtual session with an executive producer. Then get the chance to sing for Luke, Lionel, and Katy– and the opportunity to land a golden ticket.

“One of the things we tell people is usually have about 3 songs ready to go,” Lynn said. “Pick something you can sing and sing well and are comfortable with and by all means do not be shy about it.”

To help calm the nerves, top 12 finalist Beane from last season, joined hopefuls in the waiting room. They had a chance to ask him for last minute tips for success.

Performers who missed Thursday’s auditions can still submit a singing clip online until September 15th.