Now facing an embezzlement charge is a former Pizza Putt Manager accused of stealing $80,000 dollars from the business.

The Owner of Pizza Putt sat down with Local 22 News’ Christine Souders.

Owner Anthony Neri said he first discovered the discrepancy last month and kept it under wraps while police investigated.

Thursday, he’s talked about the long-time employee he considered a “confidant.”

The South Burlington arcade is where the kids go for birthday parties.

It was all fun and games until Owner Anthony Neri said he made a sad discovery.

“There must be a mistake. Something has to be broken.This can’t be happening,” said Anthony Neri.

While sitting at the Pac Man table, Neri told Reporter Christine Souders, no one was more surprised than him to learn the person he trusted, 55-year-old Cindy Heath of Georgia could be responsible for stealing $80,000 dollars from his business.

“One machine was not counting one particular item it was selling and so it didn’t come up on any reports because we reconcile by the gross amount coming in by each machine,” said Neri.

Neri said last month, he decided to run itemized reports on the machines.

That’s when he noticed money was missing and contacted police.

Neri showed us the machine police said Heath was taking cash directly from over the past year and a half.

“There were only two people who had the high-security keys to the cash machines, me and her,” Neri said.

Neri said Heath worked at Pizza Putt for nine years.

He said it’s been a difficult year for the arcade and now he knows why.

“Now it makes sense. We are hitting the projections and are back on track. It feels good but is just unfortunate,” said Neri.

Cindy Heath will be arraigned in February.

Vermont State Auditor with some piece of advice to reduce the chance of this happening to local businesses.

We’ve posted that information: