For this week’s edition of At the Box Office, film critic Julia Swift gives us a look at the upcoming Netflix film ‘May December.’

‘May December’ is described as a black dramedy that is about an actress, played by Natalie Portman, who meets and shadows the woman, Julianne Moore, she will be portraying for her role in a film. It is directed by Todd Haynes and written by Samy Burch. It is based on the story of Mary Kay Letourneau, who groomed and sexually assaulted one of her students.

Swift gives the film high praise, expecting it and those involved to be up for Oscar considerations. She found Julianne Moore’s performance to be particularly exceptional, saying she, “not only deserves to be nominated, but deserves to win ‘Best Actress’ for this [performance].”

‘May December’ is out in theaters today, November 17th, and will begin streaming on Netflix December 1st.