In this week’s edition of ‘At the Box Office’, Julia is stepping back from the silver screen to take a look at the new HBO Max TV series, ‘The Staircase’.

It’s based on a true case, where a novelist was on trial for whether or not he killed his wife. The star power of this series (Toni Collette, Colin Firth) drew Julia in — plus, she’s familiar with a documentary series of the same name — though they are very different.

Julia says she couldn’t get into the documentary, and this series pulled her in a little bit more.

“Toni Collette — when she’s on screen, she just goes for it.” Julia was a fan of her performance, but says the director of the series also wrote the first and third episodes — which wasn’t as strong as the writing in the second episode.

“They’re not horrible — they just don’t have a narrative push.” Overall, Julia says the series has a lot of good going for it — she just wishes someone else wrote it!

You can catch the first three episodes of ‘The Staircase’ on HBO Max now.