Myer’s Bagels, in the South end of Burlington, shows us how to make wood-fired, artisanal, Montreal style bagels. Local 22 and Local 44’s Alaina Pinto gets her hands dirty and learns some of the tricks of the trade.

What makes these bagels different than NYC style bagels? They are hand rolled, boiled in water with a little honey and toasted in a custom wood-fired oven. There’s a flavor for all taste buds, from plain to  Myer’s Montreal Spice and sometimes rainbow!

And if you don’t live in the Burlington area, you can find them in the freezer section at many chain grocery stores and independent shops in our area. But they also ship all over the country!

Myer’s is located on Pine Street, they open at 4am and close at 4pm every day.

You can call to order or for shipping at (802) 863-5013.