A Barre man has been released on conditions Friday and is accused of assaulting a security officer at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Police said Daniel Culver, 49, had been discharged from care at UVMMC and directed to the emergency room waiting area. Culver, instead, allegedly went to a room reserved for families of patients in critical condition, where physicians can hold confidential conversations.

When asked again to wait in the emergency room, Culver began threatening the security guard, identified as Lon Tatro, and other hospital workers, saying he would assault or kill them, according to a police affidavit.

Tatro radioed for help from other security workers, who were able to coax Culver to the emergency room waiting area. Taro told officers that Culver then “made a break” for the family room, encountering Tatro on the way.

Police said Culver hit Tatro in the head, almost knocking Tatro’s glasses off, and scraping Tatro’s face. A second blow, police said, struck Tatro behind his left ear.

Police arrived and brought Culver under control. Tatro also reported suffering rug burns while trying to restrain Culver.

Police said Culver has a history with law enforcement, including a conviction for a misdemeanor assault of a police officer in 2008, two convictions for violating court orders, and 10 citations for failing to appear in court.

Culver pleaded not guilty to a felony count of assaulting a protected professional on Friday.