Plattsburgh, NY – 209 years after the Battle of Plattsburgh ended the British invasion of the Northern United States, the Lake City hosted its annual celebration and parade.

On Saturday, September, 9 people lined the streets of Plattsburgh for the 25th annual parade. It commemorates the 1814 battle that was considered one of the turning points in the War of 1812.

Some parade watchers turned out in 19th century attire. The northeast Navy Band made an appearance in the parade for the first time in years. Director David Harbuziuk said, “The atmosphere, the support, and people just um and their warm demeanor, so it feels like a homecoming.”

The event drew military veterans from the North Country. Donny Pantheon served on the USS Robert Henley. He said, “We are honored to be here to help commemorate what happened. It was a lot of people got killed…we have to keep that in mind this is not a big celebration it’s more of a commemoration of what happened”

Battle of Plattsburgh events run through Monday with a ceremony on Crab Island marking the end of the battle, September 11, 1814.