BBB: Stop sharing COVID-19 vaccine cards on social media


EJ Hersom, DOD

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is telling people not to share their COVID-19 vaccination cards on social media. It increases the risk of identity theft and helps scammers make fake ones.

“Unfortunately, your card has your full name and birthday on it, as well as information about where you got your vaccine. If your social media privacy settings aren’t set high, you may be giving valuable information away for anyone to use,” BBB said.

Fake vaccination cards were being sold on eBay and TikTok from scammers in Great Britain. The BBB said similar scams will eventually make their way to the U.S. and Canada.

Instead of posting vaccination cards, the BBB suggests:

  • Sharing the vaccine sticker or using a profile frame
  • Checking privacy settings on social media sites
  • Be smart about participating in social media trends such as listing previous cars, top television shows, or favorite things

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