In a Walmart parking lot, it isn’t uncommon to find vehicles parked overnight, sometimes months.

After complaints of a peculiar smell, Williston and Vermont State Police gathered at the Walmart in Williston around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

A deceased person was found in the rear section of a 1996 Dodge Ram Van.​​

A towing company came to remove the vehicle for further investigation. ​They say it’s registered to a 61-year-old male subject but it’s still unclear if the van belongs to the deceased person.​

Due to decomposition, the Medical Examiner’s Office will need more time to identify the person.  ​The vehicle parked next to the van is also being investigated as it appears to have scratches and a dented headlight.​

Once the van was removed, there appeared to be a stain. Shortly thereafter, the Williston Fire Department came to clean up the area. ​