In Business Matters, the July finish line is nearly in sight for a project in Milton.

The new Bove’s factory is set to open this summer.  The sauce business is coming back to Vermont and the founder will be honored.

“We’re like kids at Christmas right now.  We’re pretty excited,” said Mark Bove, Chef and President of the Bove’s Company.  Just 5 months after breaking ground on a new 15 thousand square foot facility, he can see the finish line.  “This is going to be our kettle room.  We already have our hood as you can see attached to the ceiling. Our two kettles will be under here on a mezzanine,” he pointed out, while giving a tour of the updated facility.

After the family restaurant closed in December, after serving guests for 75 years in Downtown Burlington, Mark decided to expand the sauce business and is bringing production back to the 802.  Previously the sauce was made in Ohio.  Bove says having the business in Vermont will give the family more control over costs.  It’ll create significant cost savings when it comes to freight and shipping.

The facility will also house the catering business.  Bove says they choose Milton for it’s proximity to the interstate.  It’ll add 7 jobs to the Milton community.  “If we’re adding 5 jobs or 500 jobs, adding jobs in Milton is a priority, we want people living and working in this community,” stated Erik Wells, Administrative Director for the town.  He says Bove’s is an exciting addition to the town’s business community, “Bove’s is leading the way as we’re looking to continue economic development efforts and initiatives here in town.  A great Vermont brand, a great Vermont name.”

Back at the factory, Mark Bove won’t give away future production numbers, but says his customer base is growing.  “Dad always said you never count.  Just do it the best way you can and just do it, do it, do it,” he reminisced.

As for Bove’s downtown property, no decisions have been made, but mementos will be brought to the new factory, that includes the historic neon sign, a tribute to Mark’s father Richard, who died in February.  “I think it will honor their food memories and hopefully it will warm their hearts, and their bellies,” said Mark.