Burlington, VT- A man from the Bronx was arrested in Burlington and is accused of selling fentanyl and cocaine after police say they found more than $40,000 worth of drugs in a Vermont Drug Task Force search.

On Thursday morning, Umar Koon, 45, pleaded not guilty to 6 counts of fentanyl trafficking, and 5 counts of fentanyl sale, among more than a dozen other charges.

According to court records, Koon is set to be released on conditions including a 24 hour curfew at a South Burlington apartment, if the tenant of that apartment can provide written proof that the landlord is aware of the pending charges and willing to let Koon stay there.

Court records also indicate that Koon is considered a flight risk, and a $5,000 bail has been imposed along with the conditions of release.

Police say a months-long investigation organized by the Vermont Drug Task Force, VSP, three local police and sheriff departments, and the FBI and ATF led to the arrest of Koon on Tuesday.

According to police, they found 55 grams of cocaine base worth about $9,100, 51 grams of powder cocaine worth about $10,200, and about 36 grams of fentanyl worth about $22,140. Ecstasy, a firearm, and money believed to be from drug sales were also found according to the Vermont Drug Task Force.

Koon was jailed at Northwest State Correctional Facility on $25,000 bail and was scheduled to be arraigned in Burlington on Thursday morning.