BTV Airport Representatives Discuss FAA Home Buyout Program


Monday night, representatives from Burlington International Airport presented information about the Federal Aviation Administration’s home buyout program.

Over the next two years, up to 39 homes could be purchased by the airport.

Burlington International Airport’s Director of Aviation, Gene Richards, discussed some of the benefits.

“If you’re interested in selling your home, you have a buyer, that’s one of the pros. If you’re interested in leaving because the airport sound bothers you, it’s an opportunity to leave or exit the airport and get Fair Market Value for your house,” said Richards.

Richards says the program is not the city’s, nor the city of Burlington’s, but rather for the community living directly near the airport. Some of those homes include Airport Drive, Kirby Road and Lilly Lane.

“We don’t want to put pressure on people, what we want to do is if they do want to do it, we want to make sure we give them the time that they need to make the arrangements that they need to go through that process, and we believe that 24 months is enough time,” said Richards.

Eligible homeowners should know the buyout program is completely voluntary.

“There is no mandatory requirements. It’s here to be offered to you if you want to participate, that’s wonderful. If you prefer not to, that’s wonderful too,” said Diane Bryant Carter of The Jones Payne Group.

After two years, the airport could take part in a sound mitigation program, offering acoustical windows and doors in exchange for an aviation easement.

“This is where the City of Burlington wants the head as in giving people the ability to stay in their homes, if they wish,” said Richards.

The airport says a noise study will start in December, and representatives say it will be a public process. The study will be completed around August, and final recommendations will be submitted to the FAA. The FAA will then take up to 180 days to approve or deny those recommendations.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the program, click here.

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