The Burlington International Airport is committing to the state’s “Box-it-In” strategy. By adding new technology, airport staff hopes to prevent the virus from spreading further.​

Now, as travelers enter and exit the airport, the hands-free technology will take their temperature. ​It also has the ability to detect if one is wearing a mask. ​If not, it will signal an alarm.

Gene Richards, Director of Aviation at Burlington International Airport (BTV), says Vermont is one of the first states to install this technology.​

“I think we are for airports. Certainly, Asia and other countries have been using this technology for years. But I’m familiar that LAX and BTV did it about the same time,” ​said Richards.

Richards explained in Mayor Miro Weinberger’s Covid-19 Briefing, the signs and sensors are merely tools to increase awareness and contain the virus.​

“What we’re trying to do is make sure that (if) they were coming in warm, they have an indicator that they were warm. That’s really what it’s about,” said Richards.

Already, the sensors have detected travelers who are running warm. Gene hopes people continue to comply with the state’s regulations. ​

“When you come to Vermont, be considerate of the people around you, and make sure you wear a face mask. If you have a different belief, please practice our beliefs while you’re here and wear a face mask,” said Richards.

The airport is also handing out masks and equipping travelers with the state’s quarantine guidelines.​ Smartphone users can access additional information by scanning the QR codes on the signs displayed around the airport.

Richards says, while he’d like to see more travelers at this time of the year, safety is BTV’s number one priority.