Wednesday, a bill to ease interstate travel for gun owners with permitted concealed carry weapons was advanced in the House.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act is a bill some police officers, like Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo, think is irresponsible.

He was in Washington earlier this week to voice his opposition.

“If it were to become a law, it would impose Vermont’s gun laws on every other city in the country, every other state in the country. That’s just not, that’s not sensible,” said del Pozo.

The bill forces states to honor conceal carry permits from other states. However, the permitting process varies across the country.

“Every place has their right to set their local laws. We’ve decided what laws work for us. We’ve decided we’re gonna have very little gun regulation. That’s fine for Vermont,” said del Pozo.

The measure has a strong backing from the National Rifle Association.

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs says it has “long held that laws should be based on sound public policy and in compliance with the applicable constitution. The Federation holds that the principle that is the basis of this federal legislation certainly meets those stated Federation standards.”

Some lawmakers who back the bill, like Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, say state by state gun laws make it harder for legal gun owners.

“Law abiding Americans should be able to exercise their right to self defense even when they cross out of their state’s borders,” said Goodlatte.

Chief del Pozo says he just doesn’t agree with that.

“It’s gonna make this place a destination for criminals who get our ID cards, go back home and end up doing things like shooting at cops and citizens just because they’ve got two pieces of mail in Vermont and federal law has empowered them to do that,” said del Pozo.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hold a hearing next week on the regulation of firearm accessories, like the bump stock.

The bump stock is the device that enabled a gunman in Las Vegas to fire a semiautomatic weapon at a high speed, killing dozens of people.