Local 22 & Local 44 has learned new developments in a teen’s arrest and accusations of sexual assault by the officers involved.

According to Burlington Police, 18 year-old Logan Huysman was in a car with two other women when police did a wellness check in June.

Police say after discovering alcohol and marijuana in the car, police planned to send all of them home. However police say after finding out that Huysman was under 21, police decided to issue a diversion program for alcohol to her.

Police say Huysman threatened to kill herself, broke bottles and kicked the officers, Burlington’s Police Chief, Brandon del Pozo released a statement after Huysman’s accusations saying the department planned to release the body cam video.

On Thursday Local 22 & Local 44 received some of the video, and while we pulled some images from it, we have decided to not to air or post the video online.

Local 22 & Local 44 News caught up with Chief del Pozo Thursday to discuss how the incident was handled over social media.

He said Huysman posted about it on Facebook, and her post of alleged abuse by the officers was shared over 100 times. 

The chief says he wanted to get ahead of the allegations, so he commented directly on the post using his personal Facebook account.

“We’re still figuring out how do you tamp the lid down on harmful false allegations before they go viral, and then you’re left responding to them over the course of weeks, rather than days. Some of this damage is very hard to reverse. On another hand, when an allegation has substance, we have to own up to that too, we have to be just as forthcoming and candid about times when we may be at fault or are at fault,” said del Pozo.

Huysman’s father told Burlington Police “She’s a kid in crisis.” del Pozo says the department is working with the family to get Huysman the help she needs.