Another reason to keep an ear out on your four legged friend. Kennel Cough is on the rise here in Vermont according to Dr. Bryan Harnett with Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists in Williston.

The good news is the Bordetella Vaccine will help your dog build an immunity to the infection, and should be given up to two weeks to a month before you board your pooch at a shelter or daycare.

Dr. Harnett explains most dogs have very few symptoms of Kennel Cough, but if you do find your dog coughing you should have them examined right away. Gone untreated, the cough can lead to further complications.

“Fever, lethargy, and they will not eat as well. It can also lead to dehydration. Those dogs can go on to develop pneumonia and can become a process where they need to seek veterinarian attention,”  Dr. Harnett said.

Local dog day cares are staying vigilant and monitoring dogs more closely. Jamie Woodward, the Manager of the Crate Escape, Too in Williston says each dog is evaluated on arrival.

“Any sound that we hear that is suspicious, they {those dogs} are immediately pulled from the group and quarantined outside and the owners are asked to pick up right away,” Woodward said.

Woodward said her staff is spending extra time to clean and disinfect the facility, and keeping a constant flow of fresh, clean air moving around the building.

“We also have an ultraviolet air filter that helps to purify our air,” Woodward said.

Woodward would like to remind folks the term “Kennel Cough” doesn’t necessarily mean it occurs only in kennels. Dogs are likely to encounter this infection in anyplace they congregate (dog parks, veterinary office, etc.).