COVID-19 has silenced classical music in performance spaces nationwide for nearly a year

Now, with the help of filmmaker Jay Craven, three Juilliard musicians have taken their collective talent and are bringing sound and life back to the stage through a documentary. 

“You know this could be a turning point for the performing arts, and if that’s the case, then this film will contribute one part of the discussion, what happened when they couldn’t perform, this is what we’re showing.”

The film will be broken down into six parts. Each episode will take place at a different Vermont venue. The Double – E, a new name for Essex Cinemas T-Rex movie theater for multimedia productions, says they’re flattered to be a part of the experience. 

“It’s an honor as the Double-E to be included in this selection of music venues, I heard that we’re the only commercial music venue so we’re going to stand out for a multitude of different reasons I think.”

The Champlain Trio consists of a cello, violin, and piano all performed by Juilliard graduates who only met because of the pandemic. Emily Tauble explains what it was like to perform in a theater again.

“I don’t know there’s nothing quite like it actually like just as artists we’re so missing that it’s been the driest hardest longest year for not having an outlet.”

Another member of the trio, discusses the historical significance of the pieces the group is playing, and similarities of the world the composers were living in and present day.

“Every composer that we play lived through pandemics, lived through disasters, lived through war, and yet the music that you’re hearing, that beauty, that’s someone who’s suffering, or who’s family was suffering and it just makes you have this feeling that suffering is not the end of things, it’s always the beginning and the opening and growth of things.” 

The documentary film makers, the venue, and the musicians all hope that this is the start of a grassroots movement to bring live classical music back to the stage in a safe way, and to inspire others to do the same.