Playing the role of a young Gordon Bombay in the Mighty Ducks, Brock Pierce’s character was overly ambitious. In real life, Pierce turned that attitude into a bitcoin billionaire. Now, he’s running for president.

“This is just the beginning. This is the laying of the foundation for the future,” said Pierce.

Pierce is on the ballot as an independent in over 15 states, including Vermont. The question is: why he is running when the odds are against him?

On Wednesday Pierce said, “I can summarize in one word why I am running for office and that’s love. Love for this country. Love for the American people. I have faith and I am here to remind you to vote your conscience.”

Pierce’s policies include improving people’s lives and issues that are close to Vermonters like, access to the internet for everyone.

“43% of eligible voters are not voting right now either because they don’t think their vote counts, they aren’t inspired by their choices or maybe lost faith in the system as we are being divided politically as we are polarizing as a nation we have to find a way back to unity,” said Pierce.

He also said the COVID-19 pandemic is not being managed properly. “It’s become a political tool. That’s not what it should be,” said Pierce. “Let’s get back to science let’s get back to letting the American people choose. I think it’s imperative that we create a system to ensure that everyone in this country’s most basic needs are met.”

Pierce knows he may not be president in 2021, but he believes he will be someday.