Burlington, VT- The Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations is letting people know that a registered sex offender is being released from federal custody to be supervised by Burlington Probation & Parole.

Michael Beaudoin, 38, was convicted of sexual assault of a minor under the age of 16 in 2011 and convicted for possession of child pornography in 2014. According to officials with the Unit for Special Investigations, Beaudoin is registered as homeless on the sex offender registry, which means he will have to call the registry daily to update them on his location.

According to the U.S Attorney’s Office in Burlington, Beaudoin had been out of custody for about two months before police found pornographic images of children on his computer in August 2013, less than two years after he had been convicted of sexually assaulting a child under 16.

Officials with the Vermont Dept. of Corrections say that Beaudoin is at a low risk of committing sexual assault again compared to other registered sex offenders, and if he were to commit sexual assault again, he would most likely target young women he knows.