Christine Hallquist considering a run for governor

A prominent Vermont utility CEO is considering a run for governor as a democrat.

Vermont Electric Cooperative CEO Christine Hallquist says she is leaning towards running but will officially decide by the end of February.

Hallquist says she notified the VEC board this week on her possible candidacy and will quit her job if she decides to run.

She’s started to interview people to work on her campaign.

She started working at VEC in 2000 and became CEO in 2005.

Hallquist says the #metoo movement and women’s marches inspired her to run.

If she wins, she would be the first transgender governor in the country. If people are uncomfortable voting for a transgender woman, she says, she hopes they can look past that and focus on her leadership skills and policies.

Her platform includes providing a safety net for jobs lost to automation.

Hallquist lives in Hyde Park, Vt.

James Ehlers, executive director of Lake Champlain International, and Ethan Sonneborn, a 13-year old from Bristol, have announced their candidacies for the democratic nomination.

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