Vermont Fish and Wildlife is asking for the community’s help in tracking the state’s wild turkeys.

They say keeping tabs on broods helps state wildlife officials maintain a healthy and sustainable population, which in turn provides more opportunities for hunters in the state.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s wild turkey biologist Chris Bernier says keeping track of the numbers sheds light on what is happening to the animals throughout the year.

“We monitor and manage wild turkey numbers annually in order to maintain a healthy, abundant and sustainable population of these iconic and ecologically significant birds throughout the state,” said Bernier in a press release. “Beyond providing Vermonters with a local source of protein and an enduring connection to their environment, turkey hunting is the principal mechanism for managing Vermont’s turkey population.

If you see a group of young turkeys in Vermont during August and want to assist in the department’s efforts, use the department’s turkey brood survey to record where and when you observed them, as well as how many adults and young turkeys you saw.