For more than 40 years now, people have set sail on Lake Champlain every summer in the city of Plattsburgh’s Mayor’s Cup Regatta. Others, gather on the beach. 

The regatta is a long-time tradition in the North Country. On Saturday, nearly 35 sailors came out to participate in the 44th Mayor’s Cup Regatta and Festival.

“I like to show off the area. It’s wonderful lake, not just for fishing but for sailing as well,” said Kjell Dahlen, Plattsburgh’s Sunrise Rotary Club Regatta Chair.

He says nearly 70 boats compete in the race.  This year, half as many were on the water, racing in three different divisions. 

“We don’t have quite as many participants as we usually do because the Covid and also because of the Canadian border being closed. Generally, we have a lot of Canadian participants,” said Dahlen.

But those who could join, took advantage of a bright, sunny day. 

In addition to the Mayor’s Cup, it was a day full of activity at Plattsburgh City Beach. The pandemic postponed the festival last year. But this time, it was back with live music, food trucks, and a volleyball and cornhole tournament.

“It feels like everything is just fresh again. People are venturing out. And you know, seeing they’re faces and not their masks,” said Katie Francia from Peru, New York.

“This is about our third time. We’ve got so much here to offer. And it’s lovely to see all the little kids out,” said Violet Lacombe from Plattsburgh.

In the afternoon, families and children flew some kites. 

“It just feels good to finally get out and talk to people without having to worry about getting sick a lot,” said Haley Provost.

Another looks forward to ringing in the summer. 

I really like playing outside and stuff and like enjoying the sun while we have it,” said Clara Parsons.

This was Plattsburgh City Mayor Chris Rosenquest’s first Mayor’s Cup.  He says he was pleased with the turn out after a long year. 

“This is one of those very exciting things for me to participate in and it’s really just the acknowledgement of people coming out and celebrating the community,” said Rosenquest.