Climate Change Science Degree Coming to Lyndon State College Fall 2017


If you have a passion for our plant’s climate, a first of it’s kind program at Lyndon State College might be right for you.

“If you want to learn about Climate Change Science, this is one of the best places to do it,” said Doctor Janel Hanrahan a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Lyndon State College.

“The Climate Change Science B.S. is housed in the Atmospheric Sciences Department. We are a nationally recognized department, and have been around for 43 years. What we do, we do very well,” said Hanrahan.

While climate change courses are already offered to the students, the program and department are adjusting courses with the changing field.

“We have always moved with the field, with the direction of the science. Right now, the direction of the science is largely within climate change,” said Hanrahan.

Making this new degree a reality, it’s taking collaboration with the Natural Sciences Department.

“Our students in the Natural Sciences Department are really interested in climate Change. It’s really an important issue. It’s very much in the news, and students are very aware of it,” said Doctor Alan Giese an associate professor of Biology at Lyndon State College.

“I jumped the first time I heard about it, because I think it’s a natural union of our disciplines,” said Giese.

Giese is noticing more students are noticing our planet and climate is changing, driving them to learn more about the science.

“They have a hunger for more knowledge about climate change. They are very interested in alternative energy, they are very interested in how climate changes the businesses of a rural economy,” said Giese.

A student who is using passion to further her education is senior Atmospheric Sciences student Alexandria Maynard.

“It’s good to know what the climate is, how it’s changing, what’s changing it,” said Maynard.

Maynard believes this new degree will be critical in order to better effectively communicate climate change between other scientists and the public.

“The new Climate Change Science degree is designed more for students who actually want to get out and apply the science,” said Hanrahan.

“If they wanted to go into policy, go into renewable energy, urban planning, natural resources planning,” to name a few career paths said Hanrahan.

She also believe as the planet continues to change, more jobs will be created in the coming years.

Hanrahan hopes that the public will educate themselves on the subject and can find relatable information at The Climate Consensus website.

As for more information regarding the degree you can find more information by clicking here.

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