A two-man crew from the U.S. Coast Guard in Burlington helped salvage a 40-foot boat that was rapidly sinking into Mallets Bay on Monday.

According to a Facebook post by the Coast Guard Station Burlington, the crew responded to a call and found the vessel’s bow submerged and “taking on a large amount of water up forward.”

The post said the boat’s engine room was overflowing and there was four feet of water in the cabin.

“The situation didn’t look good.”

The two men, in a 29-foot Coast Guard response boat, passed over a dewatering pump then “expertly and swiftly began raising the bow of the boat.”

Not long after, a commercial salvage company arrived on the scene and were able to temporarily plug the hole in the bow.

The boat was towed to a nearby marina and hauled out.

“Twenty minutes later and this boat could have been at the bottom of Mallets Bay,” the Coast Guard said in the post. “Stay safe out there folks.

The captain of the damaged boat told the Guardsmen that he may have struck a log, “but was unsure.”

The Coast Guard advised boaters that, “As the weather cools and fewer boats start taking to the water, we remind everyone to wear the proper PPE and always have a lookout to make sure you don’t hit any floating debris or logs.”