Cold Snap: Protecting Your Pipes Safely


With freezing temperatures here, homeowners are reminded to prepare their pipes.

We spoke with a number of plumbers Saturday who say the first cold snap of the year is always busy, but there are some simple ways to avoid a plumbing disaster. Plumbers recommend making sure your home is properly heated and to seal any drafts.

Often times when people experience frozen pipes, improper and unsafe techniques are taken to thaw them out.

“We’ve seen people use heat tape which sounds really good and really beneficial but it is quite a dangerous piece of equipment… We have also seen people take blow torches to them which provides an ample amount of heat and again if it is up close to a combustible it can create a whole bunch of problems,” said Tony Simanskas, Senior Firefighter Williston Fire Department.

Simanskas says there are plenty of safe ways to avoid frozen pipes in the first place.

“Make sure they are insulated with a proper pipe insulation, make sure that your furnace is on and you are heating your house to an adequate temperature… cupboards create a barrier from your outside heat to the inside of the cupboard so if you open up that it allows for the heat flow to reach your pipes,” explained Simanskas.

Allowing your faucet to trickle to keep water flowing through the pipes will help keep your pipes from freezing. If disaster strikes and your pipes do freeze, fire officials say leave the un-thawing to the professionals.

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