Connecticut couple eats 90 hot dogs to prepare for annual Nathan’s Famous contest


If you call someone a hot dog, you’re basically calling them a show-off.

And that’s exactly what Miki Sudo is hoping to do — show off her competitive eating chops at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, which takes place every year on Coney Island on the Fourth of July.

Sudo has won the women’s title every year since 2014, and she plans to win it again this year. Practice makes perfect, and in this case it’ll probably make you really full too. So Sudo and Nick Wehry, who met two years ago at the Nathan’s Famous, contest, are spending some quality time together in the kitchen.

“Its great to have somebody say, like, ‘Hey how’d you feel after those 223 chicken wings?’ that’s very hard for your average person to relate to,” Wehray said.

And this weekend, they’re headed back to where it all began.

“It’s bigger than anything else,” Sudo said. “It draws the best of the best. Yeah, that’s our Superbowl, our Wrestlemania, our World Series.”

Only Sudo will be stepping up to the plates this July 4th, although Wehry is still putting in the training with her.

“He’s been more fired up for practices than I’ve been,” Sudo said. “Whereas I’m dragging my heels, he’s pushing me to consistently do better.”

Today that means 90 hot dogs between the two of them, plated contest-style, and a ten-minute time limit.

“She’s got 6 consecutive titles there, going for number 7,” says Wehry. “Which will put her second of all time. So, on the Mt. Rushmore of competitive eating, the Nathan’s stage has kind of cemented her place there.”

Sudo’s personal best is 41 hot dogs but she hopes to best the women’s record of 45 hot dogs, something she’s done plenty of times at home.

“For some reason it hasn’t translated on the Fourth,” she said. “But this year I expect to do better than ever, and I’m looking to take that record down.”

And if today is any indication — 50 hot dogs with time to spare — she is on her way.

You can catch Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest live at noon Saturday on ESPN.

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