Coronavirus Effects on Mental Health


Doctor Shira Louria says,when we become overwhelmed, the frontal lobe of the brain, which is incharge of decison making, stops working.

“The emotional part of the brain become the forefront and kind of paralizes us. So this is when we see extreme anxiety and almost feeling like inability to cope.” said Louria

According to Doctor Louria practicing deep breathing techniques can help calm our nerves

“Kind of calms down the sympathetic nervous system and brings the parasympathetic nervous system in to play which calms the entire system. It also reduces thoughts and rumination. Which is what happens to us when we are very anxious.” said Louria

Another way to help, according to Doctor Ann Sullivan, is to know the facts and go to trusted sources

Doctor Ann Sullivan said, “Listening to responsible reports, the governors report everyday. Those kinds of things can help relay anxiety because people than know the facts.”

Also, take advantage of the area we live in and get outside.

Doctor Shira Louria said, “I am happy that we are in vermont and we have beautiful nature. Mud season is starting but still I think its great to just go walking on your own.”

Social distancing is a way to stay safe but it can cause people to feel lonely

Director of Psychological Services for New York State, Sarah Kuriakose said, “A lot of people have been really creative about ways to feel connected to others even when they physically can’t be in the same space”

Ann wants everyone to remeber that even though this may go on for a while, it will not go on forever

“People need to try to keep that perspective. Sometimes when you are in the middle of something, you lose that perspective. I thik if you can keep that and realize that at some point in time this will resolve that will be important” said Sullivan.

Doctor Louria said, “Everybody is feeling different feelings. Whether it’s a lot of feelings, big feelings, little feelings. It’s normal but we are just going to try to do things to take care of ourselves.”

Doctor Shira Louria also said that we need to make sure we are getting enough sleep and to do things that make you feel good, like eating chocolate or watching your favorite movie.

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