After abruptly severing ties with 89 organic farms across the Northeast this summer, French-based food company Danone has announced it will extend their contracts for an additional six months.

Danone, owner of the Horizon Organic brand, has also offered the farmers a transition payment.

In October, Vermont Rep. Peter Welch urged Danone to reconsider the decision to cut ties with farms, saying the company was ignoring the consequences to the families and communities impacted.

While the extension is a step in the right direction, Welch says Danone can do more.

“The good news is that our organic dairy farmers – who have done so much to bolster Danone and its reputation – will have their contracts extended for an additional six months and will receive a transition payment added onto the milk purchased,” said Welch.

“The bad news is that many of our farmers will still be left in the dark after the additional six months. Danone knows that leaving our farmers behind is wrong, and they have the capacity to provide real support for the folks that have done so much for them.

“Danone should step up and do more—they should follow this offer with a more substantive and detailed effort to invest in family farms across the Northeast and give back to the communities that sustained their brand and profits for decades.”