There is a long history of UFO sightings across the country, but data shows you have a better chance of seeing one in Vermont.

According to, an independent provider of online casino reviews and information, states like Vermont and Wyoming have the best odds of seeing a UFO, at 205-to-1 and 250-to-1, respectively, based off population data.

“There are just so many reports that don’t really get out there because we are such a tiny little state,” said Jeffery Stewart, founder of Paranormal Investigators of New England.

Stewart says he’s been interested in UFOs since he was 14, after having an encounter with his best friend.

“We experienced the same thing, we both looked at each other, wrote down what we saw, drew a diagram of what we had seen, switched it without saying a word and they were identical to the T,” said Stewart. “From that day on, I was hooked.”

Stewart said there have been several sightings at Cobble Hill Road along the Milton-Colchester border.

“It could be a window area to UFO activity. A lot of people have reported that they’ve seen UFOs there, but with the blink of an eye or a move of a cloud it disappears,” said Stewart.

States with the lowest odds are Florida, Texas and New York at 3485-to-1, 3395-to-1 and 2584-to-1, respectively.

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